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Variable Message Sign

Variable Message Sign (VMS) is an important message release platform for motorway monitor system, which displays variable message and information in real-time according to the commands from Traffic Management Center (TMC). By this means, drivers on roads can be notified in time once there are abrupt changes in traffic patterns, road conditions, emergencies or special events. 

The application of VMS on the road can improve traffic flow while ensuring the safety of drivers. Variable message signs are ultra-bright, attention attractive and highly legible, with a variety of functions for many applications: dynamic traffic management on highways, traffic guidance in urban areas, warning ahead of work zones, lane control ahead of tunnels and lane assignment inside tunnels, parking lot guidance, traffic calming, etc. Especially, a combination of different colors and sizes make these signs extremely versatile.

Dianming's variable message sign is certified by the Italian Lab (EU Notified Body) - ISTITUTO GIORDANO, according to the EN12966 standards. All displays provide brilliant legibility, high energy efficiency and outstanding LED luminosity. The patented design of optical lens maximize the effective luminance of LED with best beam angle. A wide range of variable message signs can be customized according to different project requirements.

■ Low voltage, constant current driver chip, with high efficient power supplies, ensuring the best energy saving performance.
■ Prevent damage from over-voltage, transient surge and lightning.
■ Multiple smart design to achieve IP66 for VMS cabinet.
■ Patented secondary optical lens design reduce light reflection and offer high brightness output as well as high contrast ratio.
■ Built-in photosensors adjust and offer enough brightness during day and night, free of glare.
■ LED failure diagnosis, supporting visual online detection.
■ Multiple languages and variable sized fonts available.
■ Capable to detect operation temperature and ambient illumination to ensure safe operation.
■ Comply with EN12966 standards.
■ Legibility > 200m.
■ Support RS232 / RS485, TCP/IP, GPRS and other communication interface.
■ Support NTCIP, ModBus, XML, DIANMING and more other communication protocols.

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