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G3 led Street Light of Dianming Passing Through SAA and DLC Certificates

Tickes:1   Time:2015-07-31

The Third Generation G3 led street light of Dianming Tech Co., Ltd passed through the Australian SAA Certificate in July 3, 2015.

SAA Certificate is the short of Standards Association of Australian, includes technical parameters indicators, aspects of quality management systems, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management, information security management, etc. All electrical products entering into the Australian market must comply with SAA certification standards.

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DLC is responsible for approving lighting products out of Energy Star certification standards, is a strong complement to Energy Star. DLC is jointly organized by the US utility companies and regional energy efficiency agencies. It ensures the lighting products to be leading position in efficiency quality and performance. US government strongly support this certificate. To all lighting products accessing to US market, it gives rebates to DLC and Energy star qualified products manufacturers and consumer. Federal government agencies are required to choose DLC or energy Star certified products. Dianming led street light are DLC listed compeletely and attracted much attention from US buyers.

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G3 led Street Light of Dianming Tech Co., Ltd has entered into Australian market and American Market successfully. Our customers are very satisfied with its functions of adjustable installation angle, intelligent control system and motion sensor. Approving SAA and DLC certificates will help promote DM Led products to enlarge the market share in Australia and America, which is of great significance to improve the international influence and competitiveness of our products.

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